I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Modern British History at Stanford University, where I'm working on a dissertation entitled "There Is No Death: British Spiritualists and the First World War."

Broadly, I'm interested in themes of war, memory, and commemoration, as well as the intersections of gender, technology, superstition, and belief.

Before coming to Stanford, I completed degrees at Yale University and the University of Cambridge, and I taught history and coached crew at Phillips Academy Andover.

Outside of academia, I'm passionate about good prose, gripping narrative, and writing for a popular audience.  I also enjoy coding, running, and powerlifting.

In my dissertation, I hope to tell a story about wartime bereavement and redemption: families in mourning used tools like séances and Ouija boards to defy death and imaginatively reconnect with their loved ones.  Spiritualism also helped create new communities of the living, and it was a means of female empowerment.  While the British state was sending men to die in the trenches and dictating how and where they would be buried, bereaved women worked to develop their own clairvoyant powers and reclaim dominion over their dead.

Please feel free to contact me at mtemple [at] stanford [dot] edu or use the links below.